Analytics for small and medium Manufacturers

Download our free eBook and learn how real companies have impletmented analytics to improve processes like:

  • Production Scheduling: Using sales data to predict and optimize production schedules
  • Manufacturing Overhead: Weekly data aggregation, monitoring, and analytics
  • Transportation Cost Forecasting Analytics
  • Customer Segmentation Analytics: Combining text and numerical data
  • Supply Chain Analytics: Developing a web app for commodity price tracking and forecasting

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Analytics for Small and Medium Businesses

One of the most frequest concerns business owners have about analytics is the lack of clarity of how it would impact their business.  Most medium sized business executives and small business owners have heard about analytics and how it could potentially help them, but when it comes time to bite the bullet, there are more questions that lead to paralysis on their side.  The goal of this eBook is to show real examples of how business implement analytics, and the results they receieved.  

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