Simafore Purpose and Vision


Simafore LLC was acquired by Soliton Technologies back in 2016.  Soliton Technologies is a technology company based in India and US delivering highly innovative solutions to customers worldwide. Kindly visit for more details about the parent company.


SimaFore exists to provide data science based services and solutions to businesses and organizations which do not have extensive human or capital resources to utilize the mainstream or traditional offerings in the market place today.



SimaFore aims to make analytics a core function of all businesses and organizations by breaking barriers; and to be the leading brand in the marketplace as a provider of high value differentiated data science and analytics services and solutions.

Value Proposition

We Speak Business, not “Technologese” - We understand that analytics is a tool - a means to better and faster decisions. We measure success on your ability to address bussiness issues, gain competitive advantage, and affect your bottom line. And, we understand business. Our leadership team includes 2 MBAs and an award winning former CEO who is a CPA. We also share 2 Ph.D. degrees, just in case you do want to get technical.

Affordability - Analytics is not exclusive to large corporations. Some of our customers are relatively small manufacturing outfits. We scope and scale projects to suit your goal and your budget.

Accessibility - We can conduct analytics projects for you, end to end, and the apps we create are neat custom packages (not generalized multi-purpose software bundles requiring extensive training and background). You just plug in your current inputs (if necessary), and you get answers. Businesses do not need to be experts in abstruse technological or mathematical areas to derive value. You can focus on your business and ask questions to get answers that you can understand.

Extended Value Over Time - Typical consulting projects result in a report that is only good in the moment and may not have lasting value. We develop purpose-built descriptive and/or predictive analytics apps from your data to use on an ongoing basis.

Education/Training - Leveraging our relationships with highly respected developers of open source tools such as Hortonworks Hadoop and RapidMiner, we offer their standard training programs to help your internal data science teams. We also have developed our own unique data science training program that can be customized to suit your needs.