In the first article of this series we discussed how regular expressions, when appropriately set up can increase the power of RapidMiner’s operators. We also compared the two most popular open source data mining tools for their preprocessing abilities applied to text mining. We found that R, with its very solid data framing capabilities can excel when […]
R-bloggers recently posted an interesting text mining article which attempts to text mine the entire collected works of William Shakespeare. R really shines at some aspects of data mining, particularly in preprocessing. The large number of functional shortcuts available for working with data frames virtually spoils the analysts! Here we do a step by step comparison of […]
Inspired by the really cool video series on text mining by Vancouver Data Blog, we are going to kick off our article series on text mining (also) using RapidMiner. Neil McGuigan does a great job covering this topic in those compact 10-min videos. In our article series we will try to get into a little bit […]
Understanding the needs of your customers is a critical aspect of business. This requires proper customer segmentation. There are many different approaches to segmenting customers: based on their behavior, based on their business structures (e.g. small, medium, large) or even based on the amount of revenues they generate for you, as performed in an 80-20 customer analysis. Text […]
In a recent article How Predictive Analytics Can Boost Your Social Media Campaigns, we saw that social media data is becoming a great source of data for understanding product trends by applying predictive analytics. We also emphasized that in order to stay ahead of competition, businesses need to make better use of the social media chatter […]
Text analytics with AI involves converting unstructured data into a semi-structured format before applying any standard machine learning algorithm. There are several intermediate steps that are necessary till we get to this point. With so many steps needed to deliver the final result, the process design can get pretty complicated which also makes debugging or experimenting […]
On year 3 of the Predictive Analytics World – Manufacturing annual conference (2016), we continued to build on the momentum from the first two years. Our primary focus areas have remained more or less the same and we continue to get interest from practitioners and executives for the following areas. Preventive Maintenance/Fault Detection/Failure Prediction How can […]
Marketing researchers are increasingly turning their attention towards the behavioral sciences to understand what triggers purchase behavior among customers – especially sentiment analysis. The more these triggers are studied, the more it seems that people buy when they make emotional connections. An interesting hypothesis is that people have what is termed as “premature cognitive commitment“. This […]
Gartner’s famous technology hype cycle is applied by the eponymous consulting group to understand if or how soon a promising technology will become a well-established tool. The last few years have seen predictive analytics becoming more common in business and news reports. However, we have seen Gartner show Predictive Analytics for only the last couple of years of their […]
There is a recent survey conducted by the SMB Group which lists some of the top priorities that small and medium businesses (SMB) have. According to their estimates SMBs constitute 99% of all employers in the US today and account for nearly 50% of the overall IT spending. This second statistic may require several qualifications to be […]