In Eric Siegel’s book, he forecasts how by the year 2020, predictive analytics will impact pretty much all aspects of everyday life. In the chapter titled “Ten predictions for the first hour of 2020”, he details how real time predictive analytics influences your driving habits by helping with collision avoidance and automobile maintenance. The highly readable […]
The ideas behind predictive maintenance have been around for decades. For today, it needs to be retooled with concurrent technology – in particular what A.I. would do for predictive maintenance. In fact, almost 20 years ago, in a book called “Condition-based maintenance and Machine Diagnostics” by Williams, Davies and Drake (1994) they came out with […]
Today, predictive maintenance benefits are accepted in many industries and it has become an essential tool, because of its efficiency in fault detection during early stages and thus reducing unscheduled down time. It increases productivity, improves quality and provides the feeling of safety and reliability to staff. In process industries, such as cement, sugar, chemical, power […]
In this post we will observe three key predictive maintenance impacts on efficiency and performance of machinery. In order to be successful any business, and in particular manufacturing businesses, needs access to vital information and visibility into how well the critical and capital intensive assets are responding to challenging and changing conditions. Additionally, business in […]
Before we talk of predictive maintenance schedule, lets set the context properly. When you are managing a large organization that requires the use of a wide range of equipment, maintenance costs can be a significant problem. Maintenance costs are influenced by a variety of factors most of which are subject to large amount of fluctuations or […]
Fault detection and predictive maintenance are two important objectives of data science on automotive data. A car today has anywhere between 20 to 70 electronic control units (ECUs) which monitor and manage the dozens of complex subsystems such as engine, transmission, climate control, braking systems etc. In part 1 of this series on fault detection and predictive […]
We are starting a new series of articles this month focusing on key challenges and opportunities with the “new” data that is beginning to emerge and will flood the industry over the next few years. What is this new data? Why is it a big deal? In this first part we will present the background […]
Maintenance is a significant cost factor in many organizations, and is under constant pressure of cost reduction. Unfortunately, there is also a tendency to only highlight the costs and disregard the benefits of a good maintenance policy. This could be due to the difficulties in rating and estimating the contribution of maintenance to the organization’s […]
We can classify maintenance into three classes: corrective maintenance (CM), preventive maintenance (PM), condition based maintenance (CBM). CBM has more recently been outmoded by predictive maintenance (PredM). This article describes 4 scenarios where A.I. for equipment maintenance becomes meaningful. Condition-based maintenance is maintenance when the need arises. We perform after one or more indicators show that equipment is […]
If you simply collecting a lot of data, you do not have a big data use case. However you do have a big data use case, if you need to process and analyze the collected data in order to generate greater business value. A common example cited is that if you are storing millions of records from your […]
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