Future of automotive servicing and preventive maintenance Several months ago there was a news item which compared how Tesla, […]
If you simply collecting a lot of data, you do not have a big data use case. However […]
The recent Volkswagen emission scandal highlights two important problems that automotive industry faces and both of these relate to […]
Feature selection or dimension reduction is a data preparation activity for most predictive analytics and data science work. […]
There are several classes of data that predictive analytics must potentially deal with: categorical, numerical, textual, image, video […]
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Gartner’s famous technology hype cycle is applied by the eponymous consulting group to understand if or how soon […]
Chris Anderson of “The Long Tail” fame ignited this controversy in 2008. His argument was that in the coming age of […]
According to Goldman Sachs, the Internet of Things (IoT) is going to be biggest wave triggered by the […]
You know that an organization is serious about analytics when they are keenly focused on first understanding how […]