What Our Clients Say ...

American Restaurant Association

“In a world that is saturated with developers, Simafore brings the crucial value of data analytics which made the process of building our application easier and expedient.  Further, their customer service and response times kept us at ease during the process.  The response from our client base from our application has been beyond expectations and that is due in a large part to the Simafore team…”

David Maloni, President, ARA
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OptiFlow Inc.

"It is critical for manufacturing businesses to be able to accurately quantify the impact of production schedules and special expenses on overhead rates. SimaFore’s custom analytics apps combined with affordable business consulting make it easy for companies like ours to deploy high value analytics.”

- Fred Collin, CEO, OptiFlow Inc., Ann Arbor, MI


“SimaFore helped us understand which key factors impact the costs for each of our DCs and built an aggregate forecasting model for us which has become an important part of our monthly business planning. The high quality of work and combined with the ease of applying rigorous analytic methods SimaFore provides has greatly enhanced our forecasting processes.”

- Bruce Biby, Transportation Manager, Tempur-Pedic, Lexington, KY

National Center for Manufacturing Sciences

"With the Voice of the Customer (VoC) market research project, the main goal was to understand the pain points among the backbone manufacturers. Once we had the data, we needed to find a way to match manufacturers with technology and Simafore provided immense value with the Scorecard app. They were able to quickly classify manufacturers into high, medium and low technology users and provided direction for us to move forward with engagement."

- Jon Riley, Vice President of Digital Manufacturing


“The SimaFore team was able to help us gain an analytical understanding of a process that is inherently subjective in nature. This will help us and our customers become more efficient which should translate in meaningful benefits to all parties.”

- Mike Morosky, CEO, Colorbök

Trenton Corporation logo

Trenton Corporation

“SimaFore helped my company understand the right level of data detail to analyze and built a forecasting model for us which has become a critical component of our monthly business planning. Previously no one believed that sales forecasting could be done for our company, but SimaFore provided a tool which is both easy to use and understand.”

Stephen Field, General Manager, Trenton Corp, Ann Arbor, MI