Purpose-Built Apps To Make Analytics Accessible

The App Zone

Our App Zone is a collection of commonly used business analytics tools that companies can repurpose or customize for their specific needs at a nominal cost. We are regularly adding new tools to this portfolio. However, if you don't see one that you want, talk to us - we can build one for you from scratch.



Basic Forecasting

Run automated forecasts on key raw material prices or your monthly sales data. Simply connect your database to this app and visualize monthly or quarterly forecasts with confidence intervals.

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Social Media Analytics (monitoring and basic analytics)

Why not simply keep an eye on what your customers are saying in the social media. Get a 30,000 foot view of their key issues by monitoring tweets.

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How does it work?

Our AppZone tools are built using powerful open source technology, such as python, R, d3js, java, among others. This is one of the main enablers of making analytics accessible to any business. The other is the cloud. Our apps are hosted on secure cloud platforms which enable business users to access them from any location, the second key ingredient to make analytics accessible. We invite you to check out all our current apps below (some require a free registration).

No two businesses are alike and one size may not fit all. If you find an app that is closest to your needs, contact us and we can customize the app for your unique analytics requirements.

Looking for something else totally different? We can build an app for that! Contact us to get a free estimate.