“Convert uncertainty about future into possibilities”

A fundamental issue with managing complex supply chains, for example is simply the unpredictability of future demand. While it is impossible to predict future, smart strategists can use analytics to reduce some of the uncertainty.

Simafore provides tools and expertise to:

  • Integrate data
  • Select and deploy appropriate analytics
  • Institutionalize processes

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Improve forecasting ability by establishing rigorous processes

Based on extensive experience with our clients, SimaFore has developed a robust process methodology.

Very briefly, this involves the following steps:

  1. Identify the business analytics problem
  2. Capture the client's initial mental model of the problem
  3. Identify endogenous and exogenous data sources which may have a relevance
  4. Reduce the dimensionality of the problem using various feature selection and detection tools
  5. Formulate a simulation model
  6. Test the model
  7. Perform sensitivity and robustness evaluations of the model
  8. Perform "what-if" scenario simulations
  9. Train client to use the process and tools - Institutionalize the forecasting process

We have developed a simple 5-step process that will allow any company, no matter how small, to succesfully deploy analytics with minimal cost. Find out more ...