Improve forecasting ability by establishing rigorous processes

Based on extensive experience with our clients, SimaFore has developed a robust process methodology.

Very briefly, this involves the following steps:

  1. Identify the business analytics problem
  2. Capture the client's initial mental model of the problem
  3. Identify endogenous and exogenous data sources which may have a relevance
  4. Reduce the dimensionality of the problem using various feature selection and detection tools
  5. Formulate a simulation model
  6. Test the model
  7. Perform sensitivity and robustness evaluations of the model
  8. Perform "what-if" scenario simulations
  9. Train client to use the process and tools - Institutionalize the forecasting process

We have developed a simple 5-step process that will allow any company, no matter how small, to succesfully deploy analytics with minimal cost. Find out more ...