Learn how to use predictive analytics to optimze transportation costs

See how data analytics can optimize business performance

Our client, Tempur-Pedic, is known for making mattresses and other luxury sleep goods. It ships product across the country via multiple distribution centers (DCs), and incurs different costs at different DCs at different times. TempurPedic was challenged to conduct proactive transportation budget planning with a high level of confidence. 

Download our case study to see how we helped Tempur-Pedic with an analysis of historic data to identify key cost factors and develop a budget forecasting model to predict costs. The result? A 90% reduction in planning time and a custom app to monitor and update the budget on an ongoing basis.

“SimaFore helped us understand which key factors impact the costs for each of our DCs and built an aggregate forecasting model for us which has become an important part of our monthly business planning. The high quality of work and combined with the ease of applying rigorous analytic methods SimaFore provides has greatly enhanced our forecasting processes”

Bruce Biby, Transportation Manager, Tempur-Pedic, Lexington, KY

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