Our Consultants Help You Generate Real Value From Business Data

Build a Data-Driven Strategy

Businesses have huge amounts of data from many sources – ERP, CRM, Manufacturing, Forecast Spreadsheets, R&D and Logistics systems, to name a few.  Firms that have data silos or disparate data structures struggle to holistically utilize their different data assets to take full advantage of their collective commercial value. Simafore will create a strategy that enables you to leverage all types of data to gain valuable business insights.


 Leverage Data for Competitive Advantage

All companies – large or small have access to data that can be exploited to win in the marketplace.  Our customers use analytics to address and prevent business pain points.  They know that best of breed companies use analytics for business critical functions like production forecasting, cost modeling and sentiment analysis.  Analytics methods are universal tools applicable to any industry or function.  Business performance improvements and competitive advantage are achieved from building analytics models that allow you to predict, optimize and proactively alter outcomes. Simafore ensures that the usefulness and relevance of analytic models are maintained though continuous model maintenance, further extending value over time.  And, we specialize in open source solutions like Hadoop, R and Python, so our customers invest in valuable information, not expensive tools.

Develop a Strategy and Architecture to Harness Data


Identifying your business priorities and objectives is the first step in developing an integrated approach to data sourcing, model building, and organizational transformation. In addition, Simafore will help you obtain high value from unstructured (qualitative) data as well as structured (quantitative) data. 

Businesses also need to consider the potential of external and new sources of data. For example, social media generates loads of nontraditional, unstructured data in the form of conversations, photos, and video. Add to that the streams of data flowing in from sensors, monitored processes, and external sources ranging from local demographics to geographic locations to weather forecasts. 

What decisions could you make if you had all the information you need in the format you need it? Simafore’s experienced data science consultants can help you develop your road map to winning with data-centricity.


Build Models That Predict and Optimize Business Outcomes


Effective approaches to building predictive business models start with identifying a business opportunity and determining how the models can improve performance.  Generally, companies have the data they need to tackle business problems, but it’s often not in a format managers can use to make key decisions.  Simafore helps you utilize all your data.

For the long-term, a dynamic data architecture strategy is the answer. Short-term, data 'cleaning' exercise tasks are necessary. From there your analytics model is built and ported to a visualization tool.  This dashboard-like application (the “app”) deliverable is designed to be a user-friendly interface for decision makers to get their insights intuitively without being analytics or data science experts.  Simafore delivers data science in a format that business people can use.

How Simafore Can Help You Win With Data