Business Application Cases

Donor Migration Analytics for a Non-Profit

Our non-profit client, SickKids Foundation, receives donations through different channels, throughout the year. These donations are categorized as “owned” by different business units (BU) within the foundation. Each BU runs marketing campaigns to attract donors. This may result in donors, who previously gave to one BU, migrating to another. SickKids wanted to better understand, from its collected data, the value of migrations; how and why
donors migrate; and how effective its marketing campaigns are..

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Predictive Analytics for Winning Designs in Retail

Colorbök is a manufacturer and supplier of paper crafting and fabric designs to major retailers.  Particular challenges exist in helping the retailers to choose patterns and designs which are likely to be successful in their stores. Colorbök was seeking assistance in developing predictive models which can forecast likely sales of designs based on key attributes or features of the design.

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Supply Chain Analytics - Commodity Tracking and Forecasting

Our customer wanted to perform advanced budget planning for with confidence. However, this was a challenge because activity and costs at each its distribution centers would vary. Simafore helped with a forecasting and dashboard app. Our case summary shows how it was done.

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Automating Customer Segmentation Using Predictive Analytics

How can we combine standard survey data and open ended text data to identify the unique characteristics of our prospects and customers? Intelligently responding to customer needs is a challenge that determines the success of any business. While standard survey questions are one way to determine what is important to your customers or prospects, a lot richer insight can be gathered by analyzing their responses to open ended questions using text analytics. Get the case study to see how it was done.

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