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Cost modeling, manufacturing overhead, production scheduling ... what is common?

Posted by Bala Deshpande on Thu, Jan 14, 2016 @ 10:30 AM

All of these are issues that all small companies, especially in manufacturing face. 

Cost modeling and cost forecasting refers to capturing, tracking, predicting costs from raw materials and commodities to labor. Manufacturing overhead is of course self explanatory, but the solution is all about regularly and effortlessly monitoring these costs. Production scheduling is another common problem that requires a robust solution: given my limited capacity and fluctuating demand, how should i plan my ebook-cover-raw-image.pngproduction operations? 

Over the last several years, we have explored many topics which are important to manufacturing businesses.These discussions were the outcomes of actual problems that the industry faces and continues to face today. They are particularly challenging for small and medium manufacturers (SMM) who do not have the resources to effectively address them. We have developed many unique and custom, but highly customizable solutions to help SMMs solve their issues. 

The key here is "customizable" because even though the problems are somewhat common, every SMB is unique in terms of their IT capabilities and business culture, so the same shrink-wrapped solution in a box cannot be applied everywhere. But custom does not mean expensive - we relied mostly on open source tools which significantly reduces the burden of ownership.

This ebook is a compendium of case studies which were real business problems that were addressed using analytics. In addition to the three mentioned in the title, there are two others related to supply chain optimization and customer segmentation

Download the ebook to get a nice overview of all these common business problems and how analytics can help solve them.

Download eBook of Case Studies

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