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Collaborative Filtering is the new Customer Segmentation

3 challenges unique to IoT analytics

Learning Data Science: feature selection for clustering

Learning data science: text analytics to help in data cleaning

Your first step toward an analytics future

Text analytics: what makes your phone smarter than survey analysis

How to become CLEAR about analytics

Learning data science: feature engineering

Cost modeling, manufacturing overhead, production scheduling ... what is common?

Pig and Hive: Hadoop stepping stones for data scientists - Part 1

CLEAR: An analytics based approach to small business consulting

3 challenges with Naive Bayes classifiers and how to overcome

Analytics for Small Business: do you have a data strategy?

3 steps to get over analytics paralysis or data science disorientation

4 key thrust areas for Predictive Analytics World - Manufacturing 2016

3 big data use cases for manufacturing analytics

2 common failures in time series forecasting and how to fix them

6 small business analytics solutions that are easy to implement

New case study: Image mining and unstructured data science

Will the last data scientist please turn off the lights?

2 critical manufacturing applications Predictive Analytics and Big Data

Supply chain analytics: low hanging fruit for IoT

From fault detection to warranty reduction: analytics is gamechanger

Will IoT transform location prediction for labor cost tracking?

IoT and the future of fault detection and preventive maintenance

Fault detection and preventive maintenance: A Whitepaper

Accurate labor cost tracking for small and medium manufacturing

Data science platforms for fault detection and preventive maintenance: part 4

4 rules of thumb for machine learning on big data

Data science platforms for fault detection and preventive maintenance: part 3

Driving efficiency using IT Operations Analytics (ITOA)

Data science platforms for fault detection and preventive maintenance: part 2

The Future of Predictive Analytics In Manufacturing [Infographic]

Managing unbalanced data for building machine learning models

3 steps needed in IT operations analytics (ITOA) to manage crises

Data science platforms for fault detection and preventive maintenance: part 1

3 steps to take before building a data science team

Small business analytics at an inflexion point

Preventive maintenance using data science: the business case

How to turn your business problem into a data science challenge

Is the decision tree model really a black box?

3 essential facts about predictive analytics every small business should know

The power of machine learning for image mining and analytics

3 essential supply chain analytics for cost modeling

How predictive analytics can drive value for IoT

How to set up SQL Server schema for a RapidMiner Server installation

The big three of tomorrow will be winners of data analytics

2 challenges traditional businesses face with predictive analytics

Who should really "own" data science initiatives?

Big data in manufacturing: a big opportunity or a big distraction?

Top Skills a Data Scientist Must Have

Knowledge is power, but big data is the Force

2 reasons why data science can get more expensive than necessary

The impending AC/DC battles of data science

The value of domain knowledge in data science

Are analytics implementations by IT departments doomed to fail?

You cannot cook IoT without these three ingredients

What is data science? No really...

Predictive Analytics Isn’t An Algorithm, It’s A Business Strategy

Why most customer churn reduction strategies are ineffective

Descriptive or Predictive Analytics: deployment is key to adoption

3 business insights that basic sales data analytics can deliver

How predictive analytics can reduce airport security lines

3 essential data analytics tools for supply chain custom web apps

Open (source) to success: riding the analytics wave

Zen and the Art of Business Analytics

Unstructured big data: a problem for (sm)all business

Analytics and D3: Don’t Let Competitors Eat Your Lunch

Analytics: dont worry about big data, focus on business need first

Big Data ... How do I turn it on?

With Predictive Analytics, "Skate to Where the Puck is Going to Be", is Not Just a Saying Anymore

How IoT can prevent a Wall-e type future for humanity

Dissecting the third wave of the internet: IoT and analytics

What to expect from analytics efforts applied to your business

What is Analytics? A business user's perspective

Critical model steps for practical multiple linear regression - Pt 3

Time for small business to embrace machine learning (not fear it)

Coming soon: IoT analytics - the biggest use case for big data

Critical model steps for practical multiple linear regression - Pt 2

How to progress along the analytics maturity model

Critical modeling steps for practical multiple linear regression: Pt 1

Analytics using SQL Server and RapidMiner: set up connections

Cost modeling using commodity price forecasting

Collaborative filtering using RapidMiner: item based recommenders

Data and Analytics form 2 of the 4 key pieces in internet of things

Collaborative filtering using RapidMiner: user vs. item recommenders

Future of big data analytics: machine data and connected vehicles

Collaborative filtering using RapidMiner: user based recommenders

Predictive analytics using image analysis can de-commoditize business

The intuition behind recommender systems: collaborative filtering

7 applications of IoT-connected vehicles which may soon be common

3 ways predictive maintenance can increase performance and efficiency

Predictive analytics: cornerstone of new customer service paradigm

How to automate bid response systems using predictive analytics

Warranty data analytics: lessons for SMBs from bigger manufacturers

4 checks to ensure time series forecasting delivers business value

Using predictive analytics to forecast fashion trends

Bringing your analytics audience “on message”

4 checks to perform before a full customer lifetime value analysis

Don't let your business analytics become a Thor's hammer

6 internet of things based innovations to prevent railroad mishaps

Seven Things to Consider Before You Kick-off a Data Analytics Project

8 processes where IoT can positively impact supply chains

3 things SMBs need to understand about analytics and making it stick

3 steps to prepare for internet of things revolution in manufacturing

Internet of things and big data: from sports to manufacturing

Data Analytics – Why Finance Leaders Should Care

Internet of things: could it have helped with Malaysian plane search?

Making analytics accessible using "homegrown" dashboards

Digging into our lizard brain with sentiment analysis and analytics

2 simple visual analysis tools to employ before text mining

A simplified internet of things application to track labor efficiency

Time series forecasting: understanding trend and seasonality

How Predictive Analytics Can Boost Your Social Media Campaigns

10 mistakes to avoid while building time series forecasting models

The importance of translating analytics to business speak

6 trend analyses to consider prior to time series forecasting

Analytics for manufacturing overhead: accurate labor cost tracking

How to improve customer segmentation with text mining in 5 steps

Time series forecasting in 4 simple terms for business users

Combining power of R and RapidMiner for time series forecasting

How text mining survey data can help with customer segmentation

4 critical steps for cost modeling analytics using custom dashboards

6 benefits of using predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance: key challenges to increase adoption

Keeping analytics simple and intuitive makes cost modeling effective

Cost modeling analytics to understand total cost of ownership (TCO)

Analytics on the cloud for SMBs: question on data security

Why predictive maintenance is more relevant today than ever before

How to assess impact of weather related costs using analytics

Preventive maintenance and fault detection analytics in aviation

Your business does not need analytics - except for these 2 situations

Optimizing RFQ process in 3 steps using predictive analytics

Fault detection and predictive maintenance using custom dashboards

7 questions to ask before deploying an Analytics program

What every SMB needs to know about analytics via cloud computing

4 ways predictive analytics can improve equipment maintenance

Predictive analytics in manufacturing: recycling value from telematics

Predictive analytics market insights from 2013 Rexer Analytics survey

Customer lifetime value formula requires multistage predictive models

How to use RFM analysis for customer segmentation and classification

Predictive analytics on unbalanced data: classification performance

Small businesses analytics: 5 ways to put dormant data to good use

Analytics for 4 Customer Lifetime Value related tactical questions

Market price and cost modeling: one application of k-means clustering

Customer lifetime value: merging descriptive and predictive analytics

Is Big Data the problem or the solution?

Customer churn for SMBs using Predictive Analytics As a Service

Comparing optimization schemes to improve machine learning models

4 key steps to build a cost forecasting and cost modeling dashboard

Internet of things enabled predictive maintenance: identifying KPIs

Manufacturing analytics: understanding warranty claims data

Integrating Tableau and R for data analytics in four simple steps

Connecting dots: preventive maintenance, big data, internet of things

Production planning and budget forecasting with time series data

Using machine learning to optimize a predictive maintenance schedule

Delusions and dilemmas in the data science job market

Internet of things coupled with analytics can reduce manufacturing costs

Is there a compelling ROI for advanced analytics among SMBs?

How predictive analytics can shape manufacturing of the future

Using forecasts and customer segmentation for strategic decisions

R vs. RapidMiner for text mining: Part 2 - touring text mine country

How to implement efficient budget planning using cost forecasting

Manufacturing performance and machine data analytics for "Andon"

Internet of things requires intelligent predictive models

R vs. RapidMiner for text mining: Part 1 - make friends with regex

How to use customer segmentation to improve time series forecasting

Utility smart meter analytics can energize internet of things

Open source analytics: business analytics for half the price, or less

Ranking KPIs: a critical first step for small or big data analytics

How predictive analytics will power the internet of things

12 foundational database concepts to help with business analytics

Comparing Tableau 8 and R: time series forecasting features

4 ways to reduce customer churn from social networking sites

3 steps to building quick customer churn models using RapidMiner

Big data analytics to prevent customer churn

Answers to 3 critical business questions via cost modeling

How to apply market basket analysis rules to improve cross selling

Preview of new book on Pareto principle: "80/20 Sales and Marketing"

6 reasons every business needs customer churn analysis

Successful analytics projects and the myth of domain knowledge

4 reasons why good data analytics is essential for small business

3 tips to optimize text mining processes using RapidMiner

5 situations which drive data pre-processing before data mining

The value of big data analytics for small business

Keyword clustering using web mining and text mining with RapidMiner

Intelligent machines depend upon machine data analytics

Is the cloud computing explosion an advantage for SME analytics?

How Network Analytics Can Improve Supply Chain Performance

Variable Manufacturing Overhead: use a real time tracking dashboard

Production planning: how production forecasting makes life easier

Budget forecasting: 4 strategic questions that analytics can answer

How to ensure that KPI are mutually exclusive and non redundant

Production planning: adjusting for marketing campaign fueled demand

Sensor big data: linear regression for energy usage prediction

Analytics for budget planning: effect of insight versus impact

Budget Planning: how to leverage cost modeling and forecasting

Manufacturing Analytics: using forecasting for production planning

3 ways analytics for manufacturing overhead pays for itself

RapidAnalytics: delivering predictive analytics power via web service

Customer lifetime value formula: how to adjust for the auto industry

3 situations where text mining can improve data quality for BI

Time series forecasting: adjusting for event based demand changes

How to use clustering for product categorization or segmentation

Using customer lifetime value to create a customer segment of one

Challenges in filtering useful rules from a market basket analysis

Social media sentiment analysis: 4 ways models can improve marketing

How support vector machines use kernel functions to classify data

Predicting customer churn for use in customer lifetime value formula

When do support vector machines trump other classification methods

A little red pill for Data Science: the pivotal role of data mining

How social media sentiment analysis improves brand audit and quality

Text Mining: How to store/access results from web crawling

3 reasons to do customer lifetime value assessment for your business

Parameter optimization in predictive analytics: getting it right

Text mining: How to fine tune job searches using web crawling: 2 of 4

Customer lifetime value formula: repurchases and customer retention

Predictive analytics in cricket: from decision tree to random forest

Data transformation without writing code for market basket analysis

SMB analytics: Deconstructing 3 small business predictions for 2013

3 ways to use text mining with RapidMiner to juice up your job search

How to apply feature selection in linear regression with RapidMiner

Using chi squared calculator to improve classification accuracy

3 methods to interpret logistic regression models in analytics

Brand audit and sentiment analysis for improving business performance

Time Series Forecasting: data partitioning and visualizing results

Decision tree accuracy: effect of unbalanced data

2 issues need attention in cost modeling and forecasting for SMBs

Market basket analysis: generating recommenders using RapidMiner

How to perform customer segmentation on the fly using RapidMiner

Time Series Forecasting: from windowing to predicting in RapidMiner

Cost modeling and cost forecasting for SMBs using a cloud based app

How key performance indicator ranking improves model utility

3 examples of ROI from analytics for small and medium business

Predictive analytics for defect detection in manufacturing process

Key Performance Indicators: effect of wrong data or wrong questions

SMB analytics: Optimize production planning with predictive analytics

Analytics for Small Business: Not a "bunch of malarkey"

3 tips for setting up a Market Basket Analysis using RapidMiner

Using chi squared calculator in KeyConnect for market basket analysis

Transportation cost forecasting using two-level ensemble models

Chi squared calculator: 3 reasons to choose KeyConnect over R [VIDEO]

Manufacturing overhead costs: insights from real time monitoring

Time Series Forecasting: choosing from data driven vs. model based methods

Cost modeling with time series forecasting: the ROI from a dashboard

Feature selection: mutual information vs. other commonly used methods

Extract key performance indicators using mutual information in 5 steps

Angel vs. Demon customers: use Pareto 80 20 rule to tell them apart

Pareto 80 20 rule: should we treat all customers equally?

Tracking manufacturing overhead using dashboard style analytics

Time Series Forecasting using RapidMiner for cost modeling: 2 of 2

Time Series Forecasting: comparing RapidMiner and R for analysis

Review of “The 80-20 Principle”: A book on the 80 20 rule

K-nearest neighbor analysis with RapidMiner: 5 setup questions

80 20 rule or Pareto Law: 6 essential business facts [INFOGRAPHIC]

Using chi squared calculator to understand key performance indicators

Manufacturing overhead: 3 key set up steps for a real time dashboard

Basics of artificial neural network: 4 predictive analytics use cases

Manufacturing overhead cost analytics for small business in 4 steps

Gender bias in decision making? Verifying with chi squared calculator

Data preparation for predictive analytics: using mutual information

7 essential takeaways on Predictive Analytics [INFOGRAPHIC]

How to use a chi squared calculator to analyze multiple variables

Analytics for Small Business: 4 myths and 2 examples which bust them

Optimizing operational plans to minimize manufacturing overhead costs

Using time series forecasting with R for mortgage rate swing analysis

What is a "model" and why is it central to predictive analytics

2 ways of using Naive Bayes classification for numeric attributes

3 uses of mutual information for extracting key performance indicators

Extracting business value from customer churn analytics

How SMBs can optimize quotes with time series forecasting analytics

How to apply and interpret Naive Bayes classification in RapidMiner

How to use mutual information for key performance indicators [VIDEO]

Applying Pareto 80 20 rule for product/customer segmentation [VIDEO]

How to choose optimal decision tree model parameters in Rapidminer

Key driver analysis on public data using mutual information based app

Manufacturing overhead cost tracking: analytics for small business

Key driver analysis by combining mutual information and Pareto 80-20

Predictive Analytics consulting for Small Business: 3 best use cases

Using KeyConnect chi square calculator to generate contingency tables

5 objectives of a successful application of Pareto 80-20 to business

Mutual information based key driver analysis vs. attribute weighting

Key driver analysis with KeyConnect: an online chi squared calculator

Using RapidMiner for time series forecasting in cost modeling: 1 of 2

How to build Pivot Tables: differences between RapidMiner and Excel

How to best use RapidMiner Plot functions before complex modeling

How to use KeyConnect as an online calculator for chi squared tests

How to automate key driver analysis using a chi squared calculator

Key Driver Analysis: Perspectives from IEG Business Analytics Summit

Time series analysis using R for cost forecasting models in 8 steps

Robust cost forecasting models with time series analysis in 5 steps

IPL Cricket statistics: Analytics using the RealMargin of victory

Data analytics for big government: no different from small business

Feature selection with mutual information, Part 2: PCA disadvantages

Feature selection with mutual information, Part 1: PCA disadvantages

Cost forecasting by aggregating time series data for cost modeling

Using chi-square test for feature selection and key driver analysis

Higher model accuracy with mutual information based feature selection

Using the t-test to build aggregate cost models for cost forecasting

7 reasons why big data for manufacturing analytics is yesterdays news

The importance of customer lifetime value formula for business

Deploying decision trees to classify new samples using RapidMiner

Mutual information based filter vs. wrapper type feature selection

2 ideal situations for crowdsourcing of predictive analytics

IPL cricket statistics: analytics behind the RealMargin of victory

Feature selection using mutual information ranks variables in context

Transportation cost forecasting with "naive" aggregate cost modeling

2 reasons highlight why 80-20 rule in business is NOT cost accounting

IPL cricket statistics: do low scores result in close games?

When to use mutual information correlation based feature selection

Manufacturing Analytics: a 3-step process to predict machine failure

Components of a customer lifetime value formula: part 4 of 4

When "average" cost modeling works better than multiple regression

Key driver analysis using mutual information based feature selection

80-20 rule for profitability: a good thumb rule or a fundamental law?

Components of a customer lifetime value formula: part 3 of 4

Prelude to madness: Cricket statistics and analytics on IPL 2008-2011

Manufacturing Analytics: predictive models for machine failure

4 takeaways from Ventana Research's new predictive analytics survey

3 common objections to applying the 80-20 rule in business

Optimizing feature selection for linear regression with RapidMiner

Cost modeling with multiple linear regression: 2 rules to ensure quality

Why should businesses care about the Pareto principle or 80-20 rule?

Unsupervised variable and feature selection using mutual information

2 supply chain challenges addressed by cost modeling and forecasting

Analytics using cricket statistics - Tendulkar's 100th century

Analytics behind the 80/20 Rule to Increase Customer Profitability

Deploying advanced analytics like cost modeling is like driving a car

Predictive Analytics in cricket - predicting 2012 CB series finalists

Customer lifetime value formula: future cash flows - Part 2 of 4

Analytics behind the 80/20 Rule to Increase Product Profitability

Concepts behind a Customer Lifetime Value formula - Part 1 of 4

Customer value management - Analytics is a must for customer loyalty

Analytics behind the 80-20 customer analysis for business performance

Crowdsourcing and cloud computing for cost modeling and forecasting

Data and Analytics can help businesses leverage the 80-20 principle

How measuring customer loyalty can help customer churn models

3 questions about customer value management with analytics

Predictive analytics for cost modeling challenges in polymer industry

2 challenges in customer value management that analytics ovecomes

2 benefits of using Predictive Analytics for Customer Acquisition

3 reasons why predictive analytics may NOT benefit your business

Transportation and distribution cost forecasting in 5 steps

The past, present, and future of predictive analytics

How to move your business up along the analytics pyramid

A simple example to show value of good data preparation for analytics

Can manufacturing companies continue to ignore analytics?

Predictive analytics offers SMBs an ongoing competitive advantage

Beware of 2 facts when using Naive Bayes classification for analytics

Understand 3 critical steps in developing logistic regression models

Predictive analytics for IND-AUS test cricket - a decision tree model

2 misconceptions small businesses have about predictive analytics

A simple explanation of how entropy fuels a decision tree model

Cost modeling and forecasting: one small step to managing big data

How to select the right analytics technique for a given problem

6 questions to ask before launching a predictive analytics project

How to utilize Analytics to grow your small business

Value from cost forecasting for small and medium manufacturers

Two critical success factors for SME predictive analytics

Analytics for SMEs and the need to become predictive enterprises

How to deploy a logistic regression model using RapidMiner

2 ways to select predictors for regression models using RapidMiner

AMPing up analytics for SMEs in manufacturing

The real value from analytics on the cloud for small business

Feature Selection for predictive analytics using mutual information

2 reasons why SMBs must use predictive analytics for cost forecasting

Predictive Analytics in cricket - WI in India 2011

Cloud computing makes predictive analytics affordable for SMEs

Using analytics to develop a better metric for hockey goaltending

5 simple steps to use analytics for building defect density maps

3 examples of analytics use to improve efficiencies in manufacturing

Does LinkedIn group growth mirror Predictive Analytics hype cycle?

3 things SMBs must know about customer management and analytics

How to use decision trees in customer acquisition strategies

Best batsman of all time: fun with cricket statistics

Systems thinking and analytics help avoid financial crises

How to improve cost modeling with predictive analytics: part 3 of 3

How to use k-means clustering to simplify cost modeling: part 2 of 2

Supply chain analytics: applying systems thinking in 4 steps part 2/2

How to use k-means clustering to simplify cost modeling: part 1 of 2

How to improve cost modeling with predictive analytics: part 2 of 3

Cricket Statistics and Predictions: 88% chance of 5-0 for India

Supply chain analytics: applying systems thinking in 4 steps part 1/2

How to improve cost modeling with predictive analytics: part 1 of 3

Cost Modeling and Cost Forecasting for Small Manufacturing Business

Cricket Statistics and Predictions: Narrow win for India in ODI 1

Data Mining: How to start your data mining projects the right way

Why choosing check box risk management over analytics is stupid

How to use regression for predicting sales using RapidMiner - 3

3 levels of value from analytics that small business should realize

3 insights from applying business analytics to the classic beer game

Affordable Risk Analytics - Demand Uncertainty with ModelRisk: Part 3

Sports Analytics: Do batting stats correlate with success in IPL?

Business Analytics lessons from MoneyBall for product companies

Cluster Analysis techniques - STATISTICA Data mining video review

Affordable risk analytics for SMEs - common issues: part 2 of 3

2 affordable business intelligence tools for small business

3 ways small business can increase marketing ROI with analytics

BI and analytics can transform data to strategic advantage for SMEs

Affordable Risk Analytics for SMEs - Part 1 of 3

Classification and regression trees - Salford Systems video review

4 ways to select the right business analytics software

How to use regression for predicting sales using RapidMiner - 2

Predictive analytics in cricket - Can IND salvage any pride?

Two must see videos: Predictive Analytics with Rapidminer

How to use regression for predicting sales using RapidMiner - 1

Predictive analytics in sports: professional clubs take notice

4 critical factors for SMEs to compete on business analytics

Can small businesses compete on analytics?

60% manufacturing companies ascribe high value to business analytics

Survey finds only 25% SME executives aware of business analytics

Predictive analytics in cricket: power of batting partnerships

How to run Principal Component Analysis with RapidMiner - Part 3

How to run Principal Component Analysis with RapidMiner - Part 2

How to run Principal Component Analysis with RapidMiner - Part 1

3 barriers for wide adoption of business analytics in SMEs

2 main differences between classification and regression trees

4 key advantages of using decision trees for predictive analytics

The 3 blind men of systems thinking and complexity science

Top 3 anti-predictions for predictive analytics

How to perform feature selection for predictive analytics

Reasons why feature selection is important in predictive analytics

Reasons why predictive analytics is not a crystal ball

Predictive Analytics in Sport – Stanley Cup 2011 Game 7 analysis

k-NN: A simple classification technique for predictive analytics

Predictive Analytics with cricket statistics: IND-WI 2011 series

The perils of complete absence of systems thinking in city planning

Predictive Analytics in Sport – Stanley Cup 2011 Finals

Predictive Analytics in Sport – Stanley Cup 2011 Western Conference

Predictive Analytics in Sport – Stanley Cup 2011 Eastern Conference

Logistic regression for business analytics using RapidMiner: Part 2

Logistic regression for business analytics using RapidMiner: Part 1

Do IPL cricket statistics reveal logic behind player valuations?

When Principal Component Analysis makes sense in business analytics

4 traits that separate a predictive analytics expert from a wanna-be

How to evaluate classification models for business analytics - Part 2

How to use decision trees for credit scoring using RapidMiner: Part 4

Is predictive analytics a misnomer?

How to evaluate classification models for business analytics - Part 1

Using recent IPL cricket statistics to evaluate player worth

How to use decision trees for credit scoring using RapidMiner: Part 3

Variable reduction with chi-square and entropy based methods

3 checks to prevent abuse of regression models

How to use decision trees for credit scoring using RapidMiner: Part 2

5 reasons why supply chains become complex

2 key assumptions to be aware of before applying the chi-square test

Can IPL cricket statistics support a predictive analytics exercise?

Change management using Business analytics and systems thinking

How to use decision trees for credit scoring using RapidMiner: Part 1

Predictive Analytics with cricket statistics: IND-SL FINAL prediction

Predictive Analytics with cricket statistics: IND-PAK SF2 analysis

3 basic concepts which underpin the chi-square test

Predictive Analytics with cricket statistics: IND-AUS QF2 analysis

Building decision trees using information theory and shannon entropy

Predictive Analytics with cricket statistics: IND-WI game prediction

How to kick the gasoline habit - with systems thinking

6 checkpoints to ensure regression model validity for analytics

Risk introduced by modelers of risk management - part 2

5 simple steps to apply chi-square test for business analytics

Risk of using Models in Risk Management - Part 1

Predictive analytics in cricket: IND-SA group B match preview

3 examples to show why correlations can fail

How to use Chi-Square test for 3 common business analytics problems

5 business analytics trends which will reshape the economy

Predictive Analytics with cricket statistics: Cup still wide open

Risk management in 60 seconds: Insights from Entropy

Does Big Data make Predictive Analytics models redundant?

What has the greatest impact on reducing supply chain complexity?

How systems thinking can reduce BI dashboard clutter

Theory of constraints is systems thinking for supply chain management

IND-ENG match: Predictive Analytics using cricket statistics

Reduce mortgage supply chain risk in 2 steps with systems thinking

A simple way to measure Information in Risk and Business Analytics

4 easy steps to an economic crisis with no systems thinking

Predictive Analytics in Sports - World Cup Cricket predictions

3 challenges with traditional risk management

Where is the money in predictive analytics?

Why should we democratize business analytics?

Using Entropy for business analytics and risk management

World Economic Forum needs a primer on risk analytics

Complexity science needs tools, complexity management needs rigor

Choosing right data mining approaches for business analytics problems

Supply chain complexity increase continues unabated

2 pitfalls to beware of with traditional risk management - part 1

Bubbles, Busts and the Economy versus Entropy

3 questions to consider for selecting a Key Performance Indicator

Risk, Uncertainty and Complexity

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