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Using predictive analytics to forecast fashion trends

pattern matching for sales forecasting

Can predictive analytics be used to forecast fashion trends? This might sound like black magic or worse snake oil. But design or fashion trend forecasting can be a real problem, and one that data may help to simplify.

Bringing your analytics audience “on message”

analytics maturity and messaging

This article was contributed by John Thiels.

4 checks to perform before a full customer lifetime value analysis

4 checks before applying CLV formula

Migrating stakeholders from a minor role to an increasingly major role is a challenge for all organizations. For example, a car company might be interested to know what it would take to move their entry-level car buyers, who are typically 20-somethings into their more upmarket products, as these customers mature. 

Don't let your business analytics become a Thor's hammer

analytics has become a thor hammer resized 600

In the Nordic mythology of Thor, which has recently been rendered into a series of Hollywood blockbusters, the hammer of Thor is an ultimate weapon which can break through any problem, but can only be effectively wielded by Thor. No one else can even so much as lift the hammer. 

6 internet of things based innovations to prevent railroad mishaps

IoT to prevent railroad mishaps derail resized 600

This article was contributed by Vaibhav Waghmare.

Seven Things to Consider Before You Kick-off a Data Analytics Project

ensuring analytics success

Every company looks for ways to save money, but it is important to remember that your company needs to drive increases in value at all times.  Data analytics is a great discipline/tool to do both.

8 processes where IoT can positively impact supply chains

IoT in aircraft supply chain resized 600

This article was contributed by Vaibhav Waghmare.

3 things SMBs need to understand about analytics and making it stick

why do analytics implementations fail?

Recently on the Harvard Business Review blog there was an article on "Why Your Analytics are Failing you?" In the article, they talk about one business which claimed to deploy a wide range of real time analytics unimaginable 5 years ago, but without any tangible business returns. If this is the state of affairs for larger enterprises, what can you say about small and medium businesses that try to adopt and deploy analytics?

3 steps to prepare for internet of things revolution in manufacturing

Open Cover spring 2012 Big Data web resized 600

This article was contributed by Vaibhav Waghmare.

Internet of things and big data: from sports to manufacturing

Wearables internet of things connected devices resized 600

Sports analytics is set to become a driving force in the sports industry. Analytics is helping industry experts to take better decisions on a variety of issues ranging from selection of players during team formation to tactical plays during a game to increasing fan engagement. For example, in earlier article on Predictive analytics in cricket: from decision tree to random forest, it was explained how the possible outcome of a game could be predicted based on earlier data for similar events. The way fans consume sports data and how the game is played is changing the face of sports. The objective of analytics applied to sports data is to turn it into the value for both consumers as well as sports professionals.

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