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3 steps to prepare for internet of things revolution in manufacturing

Open Cover spring 2012 Big Data web resized 600

This article was contributed by Vaibhav Waghmare.

Internet of things and big data: from sports to manufacturing

Wearables internet of things connected devices resized 600

Sports analytics is set to become a driving force in the sports industry. Analytics is helping industry experts to take better decisions on a variety of issues ranging from selection of players during team formation to tactical plays during a game to increasing fan engagement. For example, in earlier article on Predictive analytics in cricket: from decision tree to random forest, it was explained how the possible outcome of a game could be predicted based on earlier data for similar events. The way fans consume sports data and how the game is played is changing the face of sports. The objective of analytics applied to sports data is to turn it into the value for both consumers as well as sports professionals.

Data Analytics – Why Finance Leaders Should Care

CFO Analytics

As a CPA and a former-CFO, I’m often asked about the changing role of financial executives. Sure, there are the normal, day-to-day, financial watchdog aspects of the role that will always remain important but more and more, CFOs are being asked to lead strategic projects that determine where the company is going to be in the future. This places these leaders in the unique position of being the “keeper of the past”, while requiring them to look outside of that comfort zone and find forward-looking data sources that they can integrate and create predictive insights with. Key to success in these efforts is effectively communicating and relating these data sets with an intuitive interface and methodology.

Internet of things: could it have helped with Malaysian plane search?

Blackbox internet of things resized 600

Nearly 3 weeks after MH 370 went missing on March 8, 2014, we are still looking for physical evidence of the plane. Concrete facts about what happened still remain elusive. A variety of theories have been put forward, from hijacking or sabotage, accident, to a slow loss of cabin pressure which in turn could cause the crew and passengers to become disorientated. 

Making analytics accessible using "homegrown" dashboards

simple excel dashboard for advanced analytics resized 600

The need to use models for making predictions or forecasts is pretty universal across businesses. Many small businesses have this latent need, but are unable to fulfil it because of two main issues: lack of adequate skills and cost of modeling tools. There is a third key issue: lack of adequate mechanisms to deploy or "operationalize" the models.

Digging into our lizard brain with sentiment analysis and analytics

6 universal emotions resized 600

Marketing researchers are increasingly turning their attention towards the behavioural sciences to understand what triggers purchase behavior among customers. The more these triggers are studied, the more it seems that people buy when they make emotional connections. An interesting hypothesis is that people have what is termed as "premature cognitive commitment".

2 simple visual analysis tools to employ before text mining

word tree for text mining

This article was contributed by Vaibhav Waghmare.

A simplified internet of things application to track labor efficiency

iot connectivity for labor cost tracking resized 600

It is an understatement to say that technology evolves very rapidly. For example, very quietly, the world wide web turned 25 this week. (As an interesting anecdote, Tim Berners-Lee originally wanted to call it the "Mesh" before settling on the "world wide web" in 1990). We cannot imagine life today without the internet, but as recently as 2000 less than 50% of the adults in the US had acces to it! 

Time series forecasting: understanding trend and seasonality

timeseries forecasting profiles resized 600

This article was contributed by Vaibhav Waghmare.

How Predictive Analytics Can Boost Your Social Media Campaigns

sentiment analysis and predictive analytics

This article was contributed by Jessica Davis.

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