Simafore applications are general purpose tools that can apply to almost any business or operation. Once you have bought an app, you will have permanent access to it in your online Apps and Services account


app zone keyconnectKey Connect is a powerful tool that processes your data and visually tells you which attributes (or inputs and outputs) of your data (or process) are linked to each other, and the strength of that connection. You can then select what you want to focus on. It is a mutual information based feature selection tool. 

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app zone forecostForeCost is a customizable app that will allow you to track the costs (or prices) of your materials (or finished products). You can run quick "what-if" analyses using the customizable model which drives the app. ForeCost is ideal for companies that are trying to control production costs or optimize product revenues. 

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app zone vistasA Visual Thesaurus for Analtytics and Statistics. Type in your business problem or challenge, and VisTAS will tell you which analytics tools to use as well as link to online resources to learn more.

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