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What is Analytics?


Analytics is the process of extracting value-adding insights from data. Insights can come from understanding what has happened in the past and from predicting what is likely to happen in the future. Previously, only large corporations with extensive resources could effectively get value from analytics. SimaFore’s mission is to make analytics accessible to all businesses.

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Resource Center: Blog articles

Nov 20, 2012
Time Series forecasting and data partitioning to visualize results

Data partitioning is a necessary step in all predictive analytics exercises. The basic idea is to separate out the available data into a training set and a testing (or validation) set. Why do we need to partition?  Read on

Oct 11, 2012

3 tips for setting up a market basket analysis

A market basket database typically consists of a large number of transaction records. Each record lists all items purchased during a single customer transaction. The objective of this data mining exercise is to identify if certain groups of items are usually purchased together. ... Read on

Dec 13, 2011

AMPing up analytics for SMEs in manufacturing

What can industry experts and advisors to policy makers do when it is known that 95% of the businesses in their industry do not have access to the latest tools and process innovations? ... Read on

What can analytics do for my business?

The benefits of using analytics in your business can be reduced costsincreased salesimproved efficiencies, and ultimately higher profits. Through our unique approach, we help small and medium businesses who do not have extensive resources to use their data for objective decision making.

But not all businesses are ready for analytics. To benefit from analytics, you will need to meet some basic criteria. Find out using our free maturity grader if your business is ready!


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News Center

Dec 14, 2012
Simafore announces collaboration with VOZIQ, social media analytics platform

Customer acquisition and revenue growth are challenges for all business. Keeping an eye on customers' and prospects' needs, via the highly connected social media networks is essential even for SMBs. Read More ...

Dec 10, 2012
Simafore announces launch of a learning module

Business analysts and product managers can rely on this easy-to-understand learning module to apply the Pareto rule in their work. The self-paced module is interactive, affordable and comes with practical examples and demonstrations. Read More ...

June 7, 2012
Simafore wins a 1M/1M Entrepreneurship grant

The grant was sponsored by BlueSnap-Elance and aims to mentor start-up companies. Read More ...

May 1, 2012

SimaFore announces partnership with Rapid-I

The collaboration will seek to develop cost-effective analytics apps for SMEs.  Read More ...

Feb 2, 2012
SimaFore joins hands with CrowdANALYTIX
Advanced business analytics is made affordable and accessible to SMEs by combining cloud computing, crowdsourcing and custom app development with this unique alliance. Read More ...

How will SimaFore's approach to analytics help my business?

You provide access to the data needed to address your analytics objective; examples are operations, finance, or customer data. We then follow a simple 5-step process that can convert this data into actionable business decisions. Our final deliverable is an easy to use app. This can serve as a dashboard or predictive tool from which you derive value on an ongoing basis.

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